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Integral Compliance Register Application


ICRA is an internet software application used to record, investigate, prioritise and track customer complaints. The application was originally built for Ziwi Limited who supply pet food for distribution around the world.

This application allows the client to Manage Complaince issues and Corrective Actions. Schedule, Assisgn, Coordinate, Monitor, Communicate and Report as you deal with issues and tasks raised that ultimately improve your business outcomes. An example of this is – Used in the food industry and other manufacturing processes to schedule internal audits, calibrations, maintenance and manage compliance issues.

Some Features and Benefits of ICRA:

  • Easy To Use

    ICRA has a familiar interface and navigation tools delivered via the web without complicated implementation or contracts and offers customised Categories, Products, Terminology and much more.

  • Efficient

    ICRA Streamlines everyday business processes for optimal productivity and efficiency. Enter once, from primary data source and have immediately available to all users.

  • Manage

    Manage issues or tasks whether they are audit non-compliances, customer complaints, process failures, maintenance or health and safety. Trace to a product, batch or serial number.

  • Monitor

    Use specific dashboards and task lists, export all or some of your data for additional reporting and integration needs. ICRA allows you to see what is important when managing workflow and for getting things done.

How it works

ICRA is an easy to use application to manage compliance issues, complaints and other forms of incidents. ICRA is the perfect application for people currently managing compliance issues, policy violation, customer compliances and maintenance programs.

ICRA has an end-to-end process management application for assigning and automating your business work flow tasks, Streamlining everyday business process for optimal productivity and efficiency and makes it easier to get things done by monitoring internal controls, ensuring that standards and regulations are met.

Log and track issues in real-time. Create follow-up, resolution and audit trails and deliver in-depth reporting.

Compliance can be logged with detail such as Distributor, product & batch information and can be assigned to customer service employees for further investigation and corrective action. Complaints can be reported at summary and/or detail level and can be emailed to employees at any time. Emails can also include documents such as photos and email messages that have been previously recorded against the complaint.


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